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C-reactive Protein

About the parameter


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C-reactive Protein (CRP) is the best known among the acute-phase proteins; a group of proteins whose concentration increases in blood as a response to inflammatory disorders. It increases after only 6 hours in acute inflammatory processes associated with bacterial infections, post operative conditions or tissue damage.



Kinetic determination of the concentration of CRP by photometric measurement at 546nm or 700nm of antigen-antibody reaction between antibodies to human CRP bound to polystyrene particles and CRP present in the sample.

Test duration

Test duration takes approx. 3 minutes measuring serum, approx. 4 minutes measuring whole blood.

Method / Measurement Range

This test is an immunoturbidimetric assay with 2 ranges:

0,5 – 120 mg/l    for 546nm
1,0 – 120 mg/l    for 700nm

Whole blood:
2,0 – 240 mg/l    for 546nm and 700nm

Test specifications

  • haematocrit correction
  • precision
    CV < 3.5% (serum)
    CV < 5.0% (whole blood)
  • linearity
    0,5 – 120 mg/l (serum)
    2,0 – 240 mg/l (whole blood)


Package insert

More details can be found in the package insert and in the package insert for CRP with integrated capillary.

Please note: All package inserts provided on this website are intended for information purposes only! Always process all tests, controls and calibrators strictly according to the package insert provided with the kit.

Appropriate instruments


Assay evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser CRP assay here: Evaluation Eurolyser CRP

Please note: depending on the time of the market launch of an assay, the respective assay evaluation was carried out using either a Eurolyser smart instrument or a Eurolyser CUBE instrument.

Since the measurement method is the same in both instruments (their photometric units are identical in construction), as was proved in this comparison study, all testkit evaluations provided on this website are valid for either instrument!

Additional information

Eurolyser CRP – Test Winner in Scientific Literature

Two independent researchers from the Netherlands have put eight leading Point-of-care solutions for CRP measurement to the test. Their Article (“Brouwer, N., van Pelt, J. 2015, ‘Validation and evaluation of eight commercially available point of care CRP methods’, Clinica Chimic, no. 439, pp. 195-201) found that the Eurolyser System is the test winner!

  • “Taking into account both the analytical validation and the practical evaluation, we consider the Afinion and Smart CRP to be the most suitable analyzers for POCT. Although the correlation coefficient of the Afinion was a bit better than the Smart, Afinion underestimated the CRP concentration by more than 10% and therefore our preferred method is the Smart analyzer.”
    (Brouwer & Van Pelt 2015, p.201)
  • “A drawback of the Afinion analyzer is that the sample volume is only 1.5 μL, which means that it is very important to place the cassette directly into the analyzer after adding the blood sample, otherwise an error is generated because the material will clot.”
    (Brouwer & Van Pelt 2015, p.198)
  • “…the 95% CI for the slope of the linear regression equation compared to the Synchron CRP method included 1.0 only for the Smart analyzer
    (Brouwer & Van Pelt 2015, p.198)
  • “The slope of Smart and AQT90 Flex CRP was around 1.00, and therefore showed the best correlation with the Synchron CRP method.”
    (Brouwer & Van Pelt 2015, p.198)

Please note:

The content hoster is very strict in regards to copyright. Therefore we cannot – or rather must not – share the full article on this webpage. If you are interested in reading the whole piece you may follow this link to the content hosters website.

Storage Guide

Guidelines for optimal test storage can be found in the following PDF document:
Test Storage Guide (Englisch)

Simple procedure – 3 quick steps to get CRP test results with highest accuracy

Picture: Take blood sample

Step 1: Take blood sample

Picture: shake the cartridge

Step2: Gently shake the cartridge

Picture: Insert Cartridge, press start. Done !

Step 3: Insert the cartridge, press start. Done!

Features and benefits of Eurolyser CRP test with integrated capillary


Excellent accuracy:

As accurate as a laboratory test, directly traceable to large laboratory systems.

  • Quantitative results
  • Reproducable CRP results within the 2- 240 mg/l (whole blood) range. This is the broadest range available with any point of care instrument
  • Measuring time less than 5 minutes


Simple to use:

Easy to operate for specialists as well as for non-laboratory staff

  • Simply performed on a finger prick blood sample (alternatively: venous blood, plasma or serum)
  • No pipetting steps necessary
  • Built-in calibration
  • Instrument with state of the art LED photometer technology
  • 100 patient data storage
  • LIS or LIM connectivity



Euroylser CRP is a simple test for quantitative determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) in whole blood, serum or plasma.

C-reactive protein (CRP) is the best known among the acute-phase proteins, a group of proteins whose concentration increases in blood as a response to inflammatory disorders. It increases already after 6 hours in acute inflammatory processes associated with bacterial infections, post operative conditions or tissue damage.

When the test is performed at the point of care the result will be available during patient consultation and can effectively guide antibiotic use. The Eurolyser system – consisting of a small instrument and a ready-to-use kit – is specifically designed for use in primary health care settings and is instantly ready for operation, providing immediate test results.

Article Numbers

ST 0100       CRP test kit (containing 32 tests)
ST 0102       CRP test kit with integrated capillary (containing 32 tests)
ST 1000       CRP control kit (low/high)

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