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Canine Progesterone: Another brand-new VET assay by Eurolyser

Monday, 4. June 2018

Eurolyser is happy to announce the launch of its latest veterinary parameter, canine Progesterone. It allows in-house, fast, accurate and reliable measurement of canine progesterone levels.

The parameter

Timing is key when it comes to the breeding of dogs. Progesterone, the so-called „hormone of pregnancy“, has many important roles relating to the development of the fetus. Progesterone levels are low until ovulation, after which they start to rise significantly. If a pregnancy occurs, the levels are elevated even higher. Classic subjective indicators (vaginal discharge/bleeding, acceptance of males) are hardly reliable in determining the current fertility. In addition, approximately one third of bitches have a variable fertile period. Observing canine progesterone levels enables accurate pinpointing the ideal fertility period.

Applications in diagnostics

Eurolyser’s canine Progesterone VET test kit was specifically designed for veterinarians and dog breeders, who want to monitor progesterone levels in female dogs in order to determine the perfect time to breed.

Your advantages

  • In-house diagnosis (no more time delay due to sent out samples)
  • Short testing time (< 8 minutes)
  • High accuracy
  • Simple test procedure


Homogeneous immunoturbidimetric test.

Measurement range: 1.2 – 8.0 ng/ml

For more information, please visit the cProg test kit page

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