C-reactive Protein / CRP

Easy handling and fast results
C-reactive Protein (CRP) is the best known among the acute-phase proteins; a group of proteins whose concentration increases in blood as a response to inflammatory disorders. It increases after only 6 hours in acute inflammatory processes associated with bacterial infections, post-operative conditions or tissue damage. During the course of an illness the concentration can rise up to 500 mg/l.

The Eurolyser CRP assay is a simple and reliable quantitative test to determine the CRP value from whole blood or serum.

Measurement with the Eurolyser smart/CUBE System

Easy procedure – just 3 steps for the CRP result

Step 1: Take blood sample

Step 1: Take blood sample

Step 2: Insert the cartridge

Step 2: Insert the cartridge

 Step 3: Press

Step 3: Press “Start” – done!


Highest precision

Fast measurement with the accuracy of large laboratory machines

  • Quantitative results
  • CRP range from 2 – 240 mg/l (whole blood) – the widest measurement area of any Point of Care instrument
  • Results in less than 5 minutes


Easy and reliable

Effortless operation – even for non specialised laboratory staff

  • Sample volume: just 5µl finger blood (venous blood and serum can also be used)
  • No pipetting required
  • No calibration necessary
  • State-of-the art LED technology
  • Easy to operate via a touch screen
  • Instrument memory for patient data (can be disabled)
  • Option to print data
  • LIS or LIM connection possible
Eurolyser smart laboratory photometer with CRP test-kit

Patient oriented

Point-of-Care measurement

When the test is performed at the point of care the result can be interpreted during patient consultation and can effectively guide antibiotic use etc. This saves the patient – and yourself – a lot of time. Eurolyser Instruments and tests have been developed specifically for this patient oriented use.

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