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CUBE-VET: Eurolyser’s new veterinary analyser

Saturday, 2. June 2018

We would like to present the latest addition to our veterinary instrument portfolio: The CUBE-VET analyser. Based on the well-established Eurolyser solo veterinary analyser, the CUBE-VET combines the workforce of its proven predecessor with the sleek, light and compact design of our CUBE medical point-of-care instrument.

The user interface, an Android-based app and Tablet PC allow for hassle-free handling, delivering results within minutes at the touch of a button. The CUBE-VET can process every single Eurolyser veterinary assay and thus completes the lineup of our versatile POC instrument portfolio.

CUBE-VET at a glance:

  • Easy to use via tablet PC and Android-based user app
  • Small footprint (16 x 13 x 14.5 cm) with 2.4 kg only
  • Maintenance-free
  • Enhanced connectivity functions
    • USB, WiFi, bluetooth
  • Enhanced data management and data accessibility
    • Data transfer to PC (via ConneXport)
    • Data transfer to LIMS
    • Data accessibility to synced data via EVOS

The CUBE-VET is an ideal addition to any veterinarian‘s practise.

More information

For more information click here, to visit the CUBE-VET site.

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