Wednesday, 26. September 2018

Eurolyser presents its new veterinary parameter for the measurement of progesterone in cows: Bovine Progesterone. This test provides reliable, precise and immediate results for veterinarians and cattle farms on-site. The parameter The progesterone level changes during … Continue reading

Tuesday, 25. September 2018

We present a veterinary test for the measurement of progesterone levels in horses: Equine Progesterone. This test provides reliable, precise and quick results for veterinarians and horse breeders in-house/on-site. The parameter During early pregnancy, progesterone is … Continue reading

Monday, 4. June 2018

Eurolyser is happy to announce the launch of its latest veterinary parameter, canine Progesterone. It allows in-house, fast, accurate and reliable measurement of canine progesterone levels. The parameter Timing is key when it comes to the … Continue reading

Sunday, 3. June 2018

Eurolyser launches its new Total Bile Acids test which offers easy, precise and dependable analysis of bile acid levels. The parameter Bile acids are compounds that are produced in the liver and accumulated in the gall … Continue reading

Saturday, 2. June 2018

We would like to present the latest addition to our veterinary instrument portfolio: The CUBE-VET analyser. Based on the well-established Eurolyser solo veterinary analyser, the CUBE-VET combines the workforce of its proven predecessor with the sleek, … Continue reading

Monday, 18. December 2017

Eurolyser ConneXport, the in-house developed tool for transmitting smart/Solo/ CUBE point of care ananlyser test results, now features HL7. The HL7 communication protocol allows the analysers to transmit patient data to the majority of Lab Information … Continue reading