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Lipase quick-test for veterinarians now available

Tuesday, 8. July 2014

Eurolyser introduces a Lipase test for cats and dogs on the solo veterinary point-of-care instrument



Lipases are enzymes that perform critical roles in digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids like fats, oils and triglycerids.

To measure this parameter the Solo uses the Lipase enzymatic method DGGR, which is well known as a high sensitive and specific method for detection of pancreatitis in animals (Oppliger et al. 2013).

Pancreatitis is a common disease among pets – for instance, it is the most common disorder of the exocrine pancreas in cats1. Because results of routine blood chemistry can be highly variable and generally not contributory to the diagnosis, feline pancreatitis remains a diagnostic challenge.

It is a highly effective bio-marker and has shown a >95% concordant by comparison with tissue and species specific quantitative immunoassay.



In the presence of colipase and bile acids Lipase splits the synthetic substrate (1,2-o-dilaurylrac-glycero-3-glutaric acid –(-6-methylresorufin) ester) to glycerol and methylresorufin-ester, which is spontaneously degraded to glutaric acid and methylresorufin. The combination of colipase and bile acid makes the reaction specific for pancreatic lipase without interference of esterases and lipolytic enzymes.

The measured absorbency is proportional to the lipase activity in the sample.


Benefits for the veterinary

The Solo point-of-care Lipase Test permits a rapid diagnosis of pancreatitis in cats and dogs and therefore allows an immediate as can be treatment to prevent long-term health damages.

In comparison to other quick tests the Eurolyser test is far more cost efficient and requires NO complicated sample preparation at equal or better levels of sensitivity and specificity!


Additional product information

Kit size: 16 tests / Package
Order number: ST 0180

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