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K+ Potassium: A new point-of-care test for medical diagnostics

Monday, 21. November 2016

Eurolyser introduces its new K+ Potassium assay for CUBE, CUBE-S, smart 700/546 and smart 700/340 point-of-care instruments

The parameter

The mineral potassium is responsible for regulating water balance. Approximately 50 mmol of potassium per kilogram of body mass can be found (98% of which in cells, 2% extracellular) in the human organism. Potassium also plays a central role in forwarding stimuli along the nerves. To guarantee membrane potential and cell excitability the concentration difference needs to be maintained. The required daily dose of potassium (30 – 50 mmol) is ingested with food and resorption mainly happens in the small intestine.

Why measure K+ Potassium?

Whenever the potassium household is imbalanced it cannot be compensated easily. Disturbance within the potassium metabolism, no matter whether deficiency or excess, can quickly lead to life-threatening states which primary affects the heart function. A lack of potassium may lead to signs of muscle paralysis, constipation or disorders of cardiac conduction. An excess on the other hand may lead to cardiac arrhythmia culminating in ventricular fibrillation. Further symptoms of an excess of potassium are diarrhoea, headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and myasthenia.

Applications in diagnostics

Considering the applications discussed above, the Eurolyser K+ Potassium assay is anticipated to be of particular interest for cardiologist or general physicians, who want to facilitate their day-to-day operations, receiving results in only 4 minutes.

Method / Measurement Range

The Eurolyser K+ Potassium assay is an immunoturbidimetric test for measuring potassium in human serum or lithium-heparin plasma. The reagent agglutinates potassium ions and forms a stable, cloudy suspension. The degree of turbidity is measured at 546nm or 700nm with the photometer.

Measurement range: 0 – 12 mmol/l

More information

For more information click here to go to the K+ Potassium test site.

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