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hsCRP test

High sensitive CRP test

About the parameter

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C-reactive Protein (CRP) is the best known among the acute-phase proteins, a group of proteins whose concentration increases in blood as a response to inflammatory disorders.

A growing number of studies have examined that a more sensitive test, the so called hsCRP (high sensitive CRP), can predict recurrent cardiovascular disease, stroke and even death in different settings. High levels of hsCRP consistently predict recurrent coronary events in patients with unstable angina and acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Higher hsCRP levels also are associated with lower survival rates in these patients.

The Eurolyser hsCRP (high sensitive CRP) assay faciliates the determination of CRP levels with remarkable speed and precision.



Kinetic determination of the concentration of CRP by photometric measurement at 546 nm or 700 nm of antigen-antibody reaction between antibodies to human CRP bound to polystyrene particles and CRP present in the sample.

Measurement range

This test is an immunoturbidimetric assay with two ranges:

0.25 – 20 mg/l

Whole blood:
0.50 – 20 mg/l

Test duration

Test duration takes approx. 3 minutes measuring serum,
approx. 4 minutes measuring whole blood.

Package insert

More details can be found in the package insert.

Please note: All package inserts provided on this website are intended for information purposes only! Always process all tests, controls and calibrators strictly according to the package insert provided with the kit.

Appropriate instruments


Assay evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser hsCRP assay here: Evaluation Eurolyser hsCRP

Please note: depending on the time of the market launch of an assay, the respective assay evaluation was carried out using either a Eurolyser smart instrument or a Eurolyser CUBE instrument.

Since the measurement method is the same in both instruments (their photometric units are identical in construction), as was proved in this comparison study, all testkit evaluations provided on this website are valid for either instrument!

Additional information

Article numbers

ST 0105       hsCRP test kit (containing 32 tests)
ST 1005       hsCRP control kit (decision level)

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