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iFOB test

Colorectal cancer (faecal occult blood) test

About the parameter

The presence of haemoglobin (the major protein in red blood cells) in faeces is indicative for the presence of blood (faecal occult blood, iFOB) as a result of bleedings associated to pathologies of the gastrointestinal track such as colon polyps, adenomas, colorectal carcinoma, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common form of cancer in the western world, however, it often causes no symptoms until it has reached a relatively advanced stage. Thus, many organisations recommend the screening of this disease through iFOB testing.

Precise, immunological assay principle

Quantitative immunological stool screenings using the same principle as the Eurolyser iFOB colorectal cancer test show significantly better values in screening colorectal neoplasiae, compared to a classic haemoccult test.

Colorectal bleeding can sometimes be intermittent, therefore negative results do not necessarily rule out the disease; a colonoscopy is recommended as a definitive test! An iFOB test is also not suitable as screening method for diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract.



Polyclonal antibody haemoglobin detection in faeces. The latex particles coated with antibodies anti-human haemoglobin agglutinate when they react with faeces samples containing human haemoglobin.

Measurement range

Photometric measurement of the turbidimetric complex at 700 nm.

25 – 1000 µg/l (LOT dependent)

Samples with a higher concentration than 1:5 can be diluted with 0.9% NaCl and tested again.

Reference range

It is recommended that each laboratory establishes its own cut-off according to the local population and the purpose of the assay (e.g. screening, follow-up, etc.).

Sensitivity and specificity vary depending on the cut-off as follows:

Cut-off Sensitivity Specificity
50 µg/l 79.4% 89.7%
100 µg/l 76.5% 95.3%
150 µg/l 70.6% 95.9%


Test duration

The test takes approximately 8.5 minutes.

Sample collection

For sample collection the iFOB sample collector kit is required.
Order No.:  ST0205

Package insert

More details can be found in the test package insert and in the collector package insert.

Please note: All package inserts provided on this website are intended for information purposes only! Always process all tests, controls and calibrators strictly according to the package insert provided with the kit.

Appropriate instruments



smart 700/340

smart 700/546


Assay evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser iFOB assay here: Evaluation Eurolyser iFOB

Please note: depending on the time of the market launch of an assay, the respective assay evaluation was carried out using either a Eurolyser smart instrument or a Eurolyser CUBE instrument.

Since the measurement method is the same in both instruments (their photometric units are identical in construction), as was proved in this comparison study, all testkit evaluations provided on this website are valid for either instrument!

A comparison of the diagnostic performance of 9 different iFOB tests, including the Eurolyser iFOB test kit, can be downloaded here.

Additional information

Order numbers

ST 0200     iFOB (faecal occult blood) test kit (containing 32 tests)
ST 2000     iFOB (faecal occult blood) control kit (2 x 2 ml (high and low) )
ST 0205     iFOB (faecal occult blood) collector kit (32 collectors)

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