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Microalbumin Test


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A small amount of protein is excreted daily into the urine of healthy individuals. These extracted proteins are so called mucoproteins, most of which are filtered out of the uriniferous tubules and the glomeruli. Albumin, however, is a protein that is not easily filtered out and is excreted into the urine (microalbuminuria).

Microalbuminuria is a condition characterised by increased urinary excretion of albumin in the absence of overt nephropathy. Microalbumin has been reported in several studies to predict development of diabetic nephropathy and its mortality risk in diabetic patients. Because microalbuminuria may be reversible if diabetes is well controlled, the early detection of Microalbumin can prove very beneficial in treatment programs for diabetes.

The facts mentioned above make albumin excretion into the urine a useful indicator of early glomerular disease.



Antigen-antibody reaction test. Turbidity measurement at 700 nm.

Measurement range

Urine: 0.5 mg/dl – 30 mg/dl
24h urine: 5 mg/l – 300 mg/l

Test duration

Test takes approximately 6 minutes.

Package insert

More details can be found in the package insert.

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Appropriate instruments



smart 700/340

smart 700/546


Assay evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser Microalbumin assay (in German!) here: Evaluation Eurolyser Microalbumin

Please note: depending on the time of the market launch of an assay, the respective assay evaluation was carried out using either a Eurolyser smart instrument or a Eurolyser CUBE instrument.

Since the measurement method is the same in both instruments (their photometric units are identical in construction), as was proved in this comparison study, all testkit evaluations provided on this website are valid for either instrument!

Additional information

Article numbers

ST 0130     Microalbumin test kit (containing 32 tests)
ST 1300     Microalbumin control kit (low/high)

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