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Phenobarbital: A next generation epilepsy monitoring assay

Monday, 17. August 2020

Eurolyser presents its next generation veterinary parameter for the measurement of phenobarbital. This test provides reliable, precise and immediate results for veterinarians.

The parameter

Phenobarbital is administered to control seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats. As a barbiturate it loosens cramps. Depending on the dosage, a sedative or hypnotic action of the drug can be observed. In cats, phenobarbital is the first choice as anti-epileptic treatment. In dogs, it may be administered together with potassium bromide, depending on individual reaction of the patient to the treatment. Blood phenobarbital concentration is recommended to be checked approximately 12 – 14 days after administration. The best sampling time is about two hours prior to the next scheduled drug treatment.

Your advantages

  • In-house diagnosis (no more time delay due to sent out samples)
  • Almost no waiting period (results in less than 8 minutes)
  • Precise results
  • Easy test procedure


Homogeneous immunoturbidimetric test.

Measurement range: 5 – 80 µg/ml

For more information, please visit the Phenobarbital test kit page

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