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Cortisol test

Metabolic monitoring

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Cortisol is a hormone known as a glucocorticoid that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but especially glucose.

Pituitary dependent hypercortisolism, more commonly known as Cushing‘s disease, is caused by a pituitary tumour (non-cancerous) that triggers excessive levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When functioning normally, the pituitary, a pea-sized gland at the base of the brain, produces adrenocorticotropic hormone, or ACTH, which stimulates the adrenal glands near the kidneys to produce cortisol. A small percentage of dogs with Cushing’s disease have a tumour of one of the adrenal glands which may or may not be cancerous. This form of Cushing’s is called adrenal dependent Cushing’s and results from a direct increase in cortisol production by the adrenal gland tumour.

The overproduction of cortisol causes symptoms such as hair loss, pot-bellied appearance, increased appetite, and increased drinking and urination called polydipsia and polyuria. Addison’s disease (underproduction of cortisol) occurs less commonly than the Cushing’s disease in dogs.



This is a homogenous, immunoturbidimetric test.

Sample material

A sample of 40 µl serum is needed.

Test duration

The test duration is under 8 minutes.

Measurement range

0.8 – 24.0 µg/dl

Package insert

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Test evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser Cortisol assay here: Eurolyser Cortisol test evaluation

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Article numbers

VT 0290      Cortisol test kit (containing 16 tests)
VT 0291      Cortisol test kit (containing 6 tests)
VT 2900      Cortisol Progesterone control kit (decision level)

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