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Haemoglobin test


About the parameter

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In routine medical diagnostics, the haemoglobin (HGB) test may be used for the following purposes:

  • To diagnose anemia or polyglobulia
  • To monitor risk groups for iron deficiency
  • As part of point-of-care testing when acute bleedings or hemorrhages are suspected
  • For parasitic diseases as well as quantifying blood loss.


Sample material

Whole blood in anticoagulant tube (EDTA, Heparin). Make sure sample is mixed well.

Method / Measurement range

The reagent binds haemoglobin and its variants to form a coloured complex which is then detected photometrically (at 546 nm).

Measurement Range: 0 – ­30 g/dl
Lower Detection Limit: 0.5 g/dl

Test duration

This test takes approx. 1 minute.

Package insert

More details can be found in the package insert.

Please note: All package inserts provided on this website are intended for information purposes only! Always process all tests, controls and calibrators strictly according to the package insert provided with the kit.

Appropriate instruments


Test evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser HGB VET assay here: Eurolyser HGB VET test evaluation

Additional information

Article numbers

VT 0150      HGB test kit (containing 32 tests)
VT 1500      HGB control kit (decision level)

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