Eurolyser Diagnostics - Premium Laboratory Equipment


Fast, modern and precise in-house diagnosis


Why waste time waiting for measurement results from the laboratory,
when the CUBE-VET delivers results in a matter of just a few minutes?


Easily comparable with the power of large-scale laboratory analysers,
the CUBE-VET operates with unprecedented speed & accuracy.


Equipped with an android-powered tablet PC, the CUBE-VET
sets a new standard in usability for medical diagnostic instruments.

Eurolyser CUBE-VET front view

Download the CUBE-VET brochure

Based on the well-established Eurolyser solo veterinary analyser, the CUBE-VET combines the workforce of its proven predecessor with the sleek, light and compact design of our CUBE medical point-of-care instrument.

The user interface, an Android-based app and Tablet PC allow for hassle-free handling, delivering results within minutes at the touch of a button. The CUBE-VET can process every single Eurolyser veterinary assay and thus completes the lineup of our versatile POC instrument portfolio.

Furthermore, the CUBE-VET is able to effortlessly sync and transfer test results to a variety of systems (PC, LIMS, …) and hence is perfectly prepared for modern data management.

The EVOS (Eurolyser Veterinary Online Services) perfectly round up the CUBE-VET’S connectivity features. Measurement results are easily synchronizes with our own servers, making them accessible from anywhere, fast and secure.


Test Sample material Sample volume Measurement range Species
cCRP Serum, li-hep-
or EDTA plasma
5 µl 10 – 200 mg/l Canine
or li-hep plasma
40 µl 1.25 – 8 ng/ml Canine
or li-hep plasma
40 µl 1.4 – 10.0 ng/ml Bovine
or li-hep plasma
40 µl 1.4 – 13.0 ng/ml Equine
Fibrinogen Citrated plasma
or li-hep plasma
5 µl 0 – 800 mg/dl Equine
Fructosamin Serum
or EDTA plasma
20 µl 0 – 2600 µmol/l Multispecies
GLDH Serum or plasma 100 µl 6 – 120 U/L Multispecies
Haemoglobin Whole bood 20 µl 0.5 – 30 g/dl Multispecies
Lactate Plasma 20 µl 0.1 – 15 mmol/l Multispecies
or li-hep plasma
20 µl
5 µl
25 – 300 U/L
250 – 1200 U/L
NH3 Ammonia EDTA plasma 40 µl 10 – 1100 µmol/l Multispecies
Phenobarbital Serum
or li-hep plasma
20 µl 0 – 100 µg/ml Multispecies
(Serum amyloid)
Serum 5 µl 10 – 500 µg/ml Multispecies
T4 Serum
or li-hep plasma
20 µl
5 µl
0.4 – 8 µg/dl
6 – 32 µg/dl
Total Bile Acids Serum
or li-hep plasma
100 µl 3 – 200 µmol/l Multispecies

Technical features


  • Fully automated analysis
  • Reliable cartridge system
  • Integrated QC self-test


Tablet PC communication interface

  • Android app-based operation
  • Quick data entry with pictographs
  • Ability to connect and transfer to a PC or LIMS via Bluetooth or USB
  • News and feedback option at the push of a button
  • Bluetooth and USB connection


RFID technology

  • Pre-set calibration curve
  • Identifies lot expiry date
  • Identifies remaining number of tests
  • Updates for testing procedures without need to modify the instrument’s software



  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 14.5 cm
  • CE-compliant



  • Seiko SLP 650SE label printer
  • Barcode reader


What are the first steps I need to take after receiving my instrument?

The Eurolyse CUBE-VET instrument is ready-to-use in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless please consider the following steps for a hassle-free start-up procedure:

  • Please do NOT throw away any packaging material, most importantly: the tablet cardboard inlay needs to be included in the box to prevent transport damages in case of a return shipment.
  • Pull the protection foil off the CUBE-VET or instrument’s door and store it in the box.
  • Before processing the first test, the transport protection needs to be removed and stored with the packaging.

A step-by-step instruction is available in video-format here:
Getting started with the Eurolyser CUBE, CUBE-S or CUBE-VET instrument

What type of regular maintenance does the CUBE-VET instrument require?

The CUBE-VET instrument has been designed to be maintenance-free – it does not require any regular maintenance. The instrument is calibrated at the factory and has an internal self-check procedure during every measurement to ensure that it is functioning properly. The calibration curve, the expiry date or the cut-off value for each test is encoded on the RFID card provided with each test kit.

Does the software need updating?

The CUBE-VET has embedded software and new versions are released for free when new features (such as new user information, new tests, new languages) or functionality improvements are added. If you like to use the new features, all you need to do is updating the CUBE-VET app. The procedure is just as simple as updating any app on an Android phone: go online and press “update”.

If you intend to continue using the CUBE-VET instrument as is and do not need new features, there is no need to update the software.

How are software updates delivered?

New software updates are automatically pushed on to your CUBE-VET tablet PC as soon as you are online (e.g. connected to a wireless network). Just follow the instructions on the display.

How can I clean the instrument?

The exterior of the instrument and tablet PC can be cleaned using lint-free cloth dampened with water. A mild detergent may be used if necessary. No liquid should be allowed to run onto the edges of the display, the measurement well, or the connectors. Do not use organic solvents or corrosive substances. Spillages of potentially infectious material should be wiped off immediately with absorbent paper tissue and the contaminated areas swabbed with a standard disinfectant or 70% ethylalcohol. Materials used to clean spills, including gloves, should be disposed of as biohazardous waste.


The following video shows the unpacking and startup procedure of a Eurolyser CUBE series instrument

The repacking procedure for a Eurolyser CUBE series instrument is shown in the following video

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