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Total Bile Acids (TBA) test

Liver monitoring

About the parameter

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Bile acids are compounds that are produced in the liver and accumulated in the gall bladder. They facilitate the digestion of food, notably fat. After food is consumed, a signal is sent to the gall bladder to forward bile acids into the small intestine. There they are mixed with the food and break down fats into smaller particles, making for an easier absorption.

Eurolyser’s Total Bile Acids assay was specifically developed to effectively determine if the liver is working properly, to identify liver disease and to monitor response to treatment. The assay is based on the principle that a healthy liver can “recycle” bile acids, while a damaged or defective liver cannot.



This is a homogeneous, colorimetric test.

Sample material

Serum or lithium-heparin plasma samples are required.

Measurement range

3 – 200 µmol/l

Test duration

The test duration is under 10 minutes.

Package insert

More details can be found in the package insert.

Please note: All package inserts provided on this website are intended for information purposes only! Always process all tests, controls and calibrators strictly according to the package insert provided with the kit.

Appropriate instruments

Eurolyser CUBE-VET

Eurolyser solo


Test evaluation

Find the evaluation study for the Eurolyser Total Bile Acids assay here: Eurolyser TBA test evaluation

Additional information

Article numbers

VT 0240      TBA test kit (containing 16 tests)
VT 0241      TBA test kit (containing 6 tests)
VT 2400      TBA control kit (decision level)

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