Eurolyser Diagnostics - Premium Laboratory Equipment

At Eurolyser, we are committed to significantly improve healthcare.
Specifically one of its most important aspects: Point-of-care diagnostics.
For the benefit of both doctors and patients.


What drives us?

At Eurolyser, health management and healthcare are our primary concern. We are convinced that medical diagnostics are a key element of modern day healthcare. The faster and more precise a doctor can determine what the patient needs, the faster they can commence treatment.


How do we achieve that?

We develop and distribute point-of-care instruments and test kits for doctor’s practises or hospital’s ERs.
We consider this the next logical step in high-quality healthcare.

Our products and services are designed to be beneficial for all relevant parties involved:

  • It allows physicians to become more independent from laboratories (think waiting periods and paperwork).
  • Hospitals also strongly benefit from the sped up process – specifically in ERs where every minute counts.
  • Patients enjoy a significant reduction of necessary visits to hospitals or practices since test results are available within minutes rather than days.
  • Due to the reductions in redundancies and idle times the healthcare system as a whole will become more efficient and less expensive. For governments and, last but not least, taxpayers .
    In other words: For each and every one of us.


Who are we?

Eurolyser Diagnostica has been a global player in the point-of-care testing business for more than 15 years. We are a heavily research driven company and as such have accumulated very specific expertise that allows us to design and manufacture cutting edge technology instruments and test kits.

Our products are durable, versatile, maintenance free and – most importantly – every bit as precise as large-scale laboratory devices.

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