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Move the information to the patient

Mobile health

Requirements for modern health care

Modern health care will be facing big challenges over the next few years:

  • the age distribution – specifically in developed western industrial nations – will change dramatically.
    By 2040, 30% of the population will be older than 60 years!
  • chronical diseases are increasing due to a general lack of exercise and malnutrition.
  • due to the increase in our life expectancy and the growing number of older citizens
    an increase in multimorbidity is inevitable.
  • the cost pressure on the health care system is continously increasing.


Advantages of introducing eHealth/mobileHealth services:

The services of the health care system can be delivered more effectively and cost-efficiently thanks to the availability of medical data, the prevention of repetitive analysis, optimized treatment concepts on chronical diseases, improved medicine security and the indentation of ambulant and stationary medical treatments.

This results in the following particular benefits:

CUBE-S with Tablet PC (click to enlarge)

  • “Move the information to the patient” – Patients shall receive treatments as near to their place of residence as possible.
  • Location-independent supply – telemedicine allows patients in structurally weak regions to receive the optimal medical care.
  • Efficient delivery of medical treatments – unnecessary administrative work as well as repetitive analysis is avoided.
  • Security and confidentiality – every exchange of information must comply with the latest standards in data security towards an individual patient.
  • Easy access to medical information – easier accessable for employees within the health care system as well as patients.

The Eurolyser CUBE-S is ideally suited for linking up with modern eHealth or mHealth services thanks to its internet connectivity with the tablet PC.


Eurolyser online services (EOS)

Synchronized results can be accessed via the Eurolyser online service: Web access portal.

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